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Our Sustainability Pledges

Find out what materials we use for our jewellery and how we package them.

Discover what actions we are taking to minimise our impact on the environment around us.


We have taken a range of steps to ensure that our production has minimal impact on the environment, whilst maintaining our excellence, including:


Plastic Free Packaging

We are proud to say that our packaging is completely plastic free. We use materials such as FSC certified card and paper, which can be recycled after use. This includes our Fairtrade ECO jewellery boxes.

Designed and Made in the UK

All jewellery and clothing is designed, made or handmade in the UK. We design jewellery ourselves and use local artists for clothing designs. Rest assured your gifts are in good hands.

Recycled Sterling Silver

We use 100% recycled sterling silver for our jewellery, which drastically reduces any waste that would have normally been produced. 

Ethically Mined Gold

We are preparing to launch our first 18K gold plated jewellery pieces, which will be ethically mined for both people and the planet.

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Packaging & Materials
Eden Reforestation Projects

In collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects and Ecologi, we fund tree planting and carbon offsetting.

tree planting


One of our core aims is to give back. We currently donate to six organisations to help fuel wildlife and habitat recovery.


We fund sloth conservation at The Sloth Conservation Foundation, elephant & rhino conservation at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, turtle & ocean conservation at Oceanic Society and native species conservation at The Wildlife Trusts. We hope to expand this list as well as the amount donated as we grow. We provide info cards with your order which tells you exactly how you are helping.


Protecting and restoring our wild places is just as important! We fund tree planting at Eden Reforestation Projects and carbon emission offsetting at Ecologi. We also run our own private and public beach cleans around the UK's coastline where we have so far removed over 49kg of rubbish from our beaches.

Donations & Carbon Offsetting
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